Sunday, 24 April 2011

Artistic Style of Film developing.

While the rest of the team have been animating, I decided to make me and Sam in charge with the visual style of the film, we were working with a scroll type background and also using photo shop to create sky.

Here our the results, This was one of the exciting parts of the film as We were actually seeing progress and the artist and technical people were mixing up.

Sam was in charge of all the rendering and we had to work closely to achieve the desired look.

I really wanted to push the concept and did some research, I looked up the Chinese Olympic Animation and thought the colour tones were really effective, the neutral colours of the mountain with the warm sky gave it a kind of fantasy element.
I then began experimenting with different variation of sky's , Sam would then composite this into the 3.D render.The first two sets of sky were to intense and the heavily painted style clashed slightly with the simplistic style of the film. The third one was more of a washed out version, this is becasue I erased some of the sky so, that the paper style background still bled through.

The results were working nicely and the our film now had an authentic type of oriental style.

Sam had rendered in Ambient occlusion then integrated colour, he had placed the sky over the top and it looked very interesting and slightly fantasy. I painted the sky in photo shop.Sam now had a clear idea of how the film should look. He created many render tests and eventually we decided to select the above style. The reason being it was not to heavily textured and the style was still simple, we wanted the film to have a simplistic style as, we could have gone two ways, either very realistic or highly stylized and simple.

This image has been composed on photo shop in Layers, But Sam's actual render looked very like this one.

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