Story boards and Animatics Full description.

Here I will display All the Storyboards form the first ones I made to the more recent ones.

1.First set of Story Boards. Lacked a cinematic style but gave a clear idea to what the film was about.

2.Story boards Second set of Story Boards.
My second set of story boards were far more detailed and I put a lot more action into them, I used the Book the art of cinematography to help me understand cameras shots. 

2.When looking back at these its slightly frustrating as We have gone in complete circle. However its all a learning curve. When I showed these to the group, They felt there was far to much going on and there was to many slides. This is because we thought we had to stick to the 30 second mark and my group could tell that this was going to be about around 1 minute and a half. Our film had to be 30 second in length. I listened to everyone opinions and Let Tara design the third attempt of storyboard as she wanted to help out and make them better.

3. Based on my first two set of Story boards, Tara created the third attempt. There would have been far more slides, after looking through them we felt that the element of fun had been removed. So back to doing a few more drawings.

4. 4h attempt, This time I was concerned about putting all the elements of playfulness in the films, looking into my research all the short films the best thing about them is that they are funny. There is basic motive and the characters have to get from the beginning to the end and on the way their has to be connecting elements which make it entertaining , enjoyable and hopefully memorable

5th Attempt, Felling a little stressed out I asked for some advice form my friend and colleague Matt Vadis, I knew he would have some good ideas.

Here the story line had been cut down and the beginning was not so long and instead straight to the action. 

5th attempt making the story boards into an animatic.

Before are Pitch I knew this animatic was not perfect, The music wasn't sinked and it still was very quick. Eventually I would like someone to create the music form the Ravensbourne Sound team or from a musician could maybe play an instrument for us which would be sinked correctly.  The feedback form Mike and Dave was that it all happened to fast and felt rushed. David did say we were there but it needed slowing down and some work.

6th Attempt, Here is the 6th and more completed version of the animatic. The timing is better and We David Bull felt it was much better and just stated the only thing needed was to have some more close up shots. However it felt massively satisfying to know that we are moving forward now. I think it will be better to do some block outs so that in Maya we can play around with camera shots.

I'm going to change the ending to the marmot being cooked at the end, I had this in the original but then thought it was a bit Harsh. David Bull stated that it works as it's like a double gag and gave me the suggestion of making the shape of the marmot as if its all ready been roasted rather then a recognizable full marmot. Are amend this change shortly.


The above animatic was by far the clearest drawn and edited by me, Originally In my head I imagined the animation slick and smooth, some great sense of movement.

7th Attempt We are a determined bunch.
The result looked a little disjointed as it had Tara's style mixed with mine.
Tara's second animatic here............................................................................................................

However Mike was could tell that the goal was simply not possible in the short time schale and due to our ability as animators, decided to suggest to us that it would be more beneficial to replicate a style similar to that of Tex Avery. This will mean more gags, simplistic style animation and will be good for a short.

The 8th attempt will done by me and Sam we better get this right. If you dont succeed try, try, try cry a bit and then try again.

Sam's and My animatic this was a a team effort me and sam crashed over at my house worked until 2am and then worked all the following day this is the result.

Snatched Animatic from Samuel McGuire on Vimeo.

Working on this animatic with sam instead of just me had its huge benefits, I stayed focused and we talked through each scene having a second opinion really helped.

There are further improvment still whch you can read in more detail here -

The last and final animatic will be posted on the 14/3/2011. animation will begin this monday.

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I always knew that the cameras would be a huge part of our film, especially for a chase scene. We had to make them dynamic and as exciting as possible. The camera in its self can behave like another character,  it can change focus tilt, rotate and completely warp the perspective of the movie. I made it mine and Sam's priority to get the camera's right while the majority of the team worked on the animation. I had to delegate specific roles, and knew some were stronger at animating then others, while others had more technical ability. I knew how i wanted the cameras to be, therefore collaborated with Sam through this process.