Thursday, 31 March 2011


I have been modeling most of the environment

Using Maya and the sculpt tool.

Me and Sam have been working closely together he has been rendering and setting up camera, I have been directing how the cameras should move. I have also been modeling the environment.

The idea of the first shot was for the camera to fly through these mountains. To create a very atmospheric and beautiful opening Shot.

Second Shot, Getting closer to the mountains about to travel through.

The environment is becoming quite interesting now, I'm getting very excited about the final outcome.

Sam created some trees in Maya which have animation applied to them, the movement adds some life to the scene.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Making Of Snatched.

After researching various animation videos, I thought it would be a good idea to make a one minute video showing the progression of our film, from concepts to modeling to texturing, some animation, rigging and eventually a render showing the style in which we want the film to look like.

Purpose of Making of Snatched 

  • Clearly demonstrate all the work we have done as a group
  • Show the development
  • Give a clear indication of what stage we are at and where we need to go. 
  • Include the criteria within this video set by our Course Director Mike Smith.
The video we will be cut together by Sam Mcguire since he is the most accomplished at using After Effects and Final Cut. 

I will direct the video.

Break down of Video step by step showing the progression of this short video.

  • It will begin with concept art, basic then more developed, 
  • Modeling, Props, then characters, development of characters, e.g. different models to more finished models
  • UV mapping,  to test texturing, 360 spins of models, 
  • rigging, examples to record tests of rig in maya. 
  • Story Board. !!!!!!!
  • Animatic fades in to 3.d environment, fly through camera from rough play-blast fades into sexy render. 
  • animation, does not matter if they are not final, but some runs would be good.  
  • cut to a piece of music. 
     Here is the Making of Video, Directed by Me, Edited and composed By Samuel McGuire.Sam also took on board his on level of creativity he completely understood how I wanted this video to look. The result was really successful.

      Making Of Snatched from Samuel McGuire on Vimeo.

      Monday, 7 March 2011

      Mikes Monday Crit

      I sat down with Mike and showed him the animatic that me and Sam had made.

      • Improved from the last one 
      • reads more clearly
      • the shots make sense
      • more funny
      • Tex avery style working
      • nothing needs to be dramatically changed.

      • smoke more flowing.
      • just a slight alteration in the way that the marmot enters.
      • collect sheets of Mike it will make more sense.
      • Tex avery style across the mountain speed it up.
      • like wise when the man follows.
      • delete zig zag shot
      • sliding could through in some tree perspective shots.
      • or when they run over the cliff part could make it more dramatic
      • when they fly of the cliff just change it slightly. refer to drawing sheets.
      • some close up of marmot face.
      • when Marmot enters he could tap the man on the shoulder.
      • cliff scene could track them then reveal the mountain.
      • when climbing one OTS shot marmot looking scared. 
      • last scene re do e.g. when man is about to eat eagle swoops in and bam ending.