Monday, 7 March 2011

Mikes Monday Crit

I sat down with Mike and showed him the animatic that me and Sam had made.

  • Improved from the last one 
  • reads more clearly
  • the shots make sense
  • more funny
  • Tex avery style working
  • nothing needs to be dramatically changed.

  • smoke more flowing.
  • just a slight alteration in the way that the marmot enters.
  • collect sheets of Mike it will make more sense.
  • Tex avery style across the mountain speed it up.
  • like wise when the man follows.
  • delete zig zag shot
  • sliding could through in some tree perspective shots.
  • or when they run over the cliff part could make it more dramatic
  • when they fly of the cliff just change it slightly. refer to drawing sheets.
  • some close up of marmot face.
  • when Marmot enters he could tap the man on the shoulder.
  • cliff scene could track them then reveal the mountain.
  • when climbing one OTS shot marmot looking scared. 
  • last scene re do e.g. when man is about to eat eagle swoops in and bam ending. 

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