Sunday, 19 June 2011


First Step Import  multiple files, their are 4 tif files ( 1, Ambient Occlusion), (2, Character layer), (3, Environment layer), (4, Shadow Layer).

  •  Make sure Tiff Sequence is selected, this puts it in number order and also selects all the remaining files. Do this for each one. 
  • First drag the ambient occlusion in, this gives you some solid depth to your composition
  • After this drag the Background in my case the textured look, this gives a clear indication of what the film will look like 

  • Place the Background layer underneath the Ambient Occlusion, now the two layers have fit together.

  • Now the character layer, the ambient occlusion and the background layer are in place.
  • I changed the layer property of the ambient occlusion to multiply so that the depth was increased and there was white. 
  • Now its time to key out the green using the pipet tool, By Adjusting the colour tolerance to around 140, This removes the green. The reason for doing this is to make sure that the background does not bleed through the characters.
  • Tweaking the Tolerance removes all remaining green.
  • Now I need to change the opacity of the background so its not to harsh, I need to select the layer and click T which is a shortcut to tweak the opacity.

  • I have now added the shadow layer , I had to place it at the top of the other layers otherwise it wouldn't show up. I put the opacity to level 20. 100% was far to high. 
  • Brought the character layer down, so that they did not stand out to much to the background. 

This is the result.
  • The problem now is that Background is bleeding through the characters. 
  • I am now creating a separate composition for the environment layer within the existing one, so that it will make layers more tidy.
  • Inside this composition I dragged a new character layer into it, so I can use the character layer as a mask.(Alpha-Mat)
  • Layer setting precompose layer creates the new composition. 
  • In the new comp, I dragged the character layer and use the key effects to remove the green
  • The black has now been taken out of the environment, therefore there will be no environment to bleed through the character. 
  • Now that all the passes have been edited to the desired look, I now need to just tweak any final adjustments.
  • The last step is to rende it out. (Composition /Add to reder Que-Best settings (24FPS)
  • Hit Render.
Here is a video showing my stages and the results. I did composting for this scene, I would have liked to do more but most of my time in this film has been taken up by overseeing others work and production. 

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