Tuesday, 2 November 2010

7 Storyboards

 Mongol and the Marmot Story Boards.
The first shot is the establishing shot it introduces the audience to Mongolia, I aim to make the final one picturesque with exotic mountains and blue , Grey sky. It shot the ger which is the name for a Mongolian house and a small fire. I want the shot to feel expansive, the sense of space indicating the vastness of the mongolian landscape.

Shows the character and his kitchen.
about to prepare his chicken
marmot enters the scene , has his eye on the chicken.
as the character turns around the Marmot grabs the food.
Shocked and angry that his food has gone.
The Chase is on.

panned out shows clearly both characters.

Summary, Mongolian chases the marmot, everything is going against him the marmot is getting away. His luck picks up and at the end the hunter becomes the hunted.

Story board personal feedback 

The story boards give a clear idea of what the fim ais about, however they need to be developed their are few cinematic shots. For the final story boards I will have to consider filmic language, e.g. camera changes, timing and story telling.

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