Tuesday, 2 November 2010

6 character Designs

I used reference images from the internet of Mongolian people as well as the mirror to gain expressions.

experimenting with different expressions skinny fat strong.
More fat guys.
different beards and characters.
The eagle is the third character looking at real eagles then simplifying it.
The marmot soft and cuddly, I want the audience to feel sorry for the little guy.
Clothe reference.

Coloured in character sheet.

Feedback of designs. I'm more confortable at drawing characters in a realistic style so, to do it cartoony was a challenge.  However since this is the first time that I have made a film, I thought it would be wise to do something fun rather then serious. 

Looking at these I feel they have potential but need a lot of development. There ok for initial designs. 

Please click on any of the images to enlarge to full resolution and scale.

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