Tuesday, 2 November 2010

5 Chosen Idea

After looking through my ideas, I decided to go with one which I believed had the most potential. I also was thinking about my colleges and trying to chose one which they would also like to work on. I wanted to chose a film which would be upbeat and humorous and not to serious.

I decided to chose Mongol and the Marmot. 
This story had the clearest beginning middle and end. the film had a clear sense of direction, the idea was simple, but the importance would lie in its execution. I can also expand on the premise of the chase element and change it if desired to. There was also the chance of making this film original, the fact that the film is set in Mongolia, which is quite unique in its terrain and customs, I felt the film could stand out amongst the rest of animated films being produced this year.

Set in Mongolia a nomadic man is about to cook his little piece of chicken when an unsuspected guest arrives steals his food, and then becomes the mans next meal, their is a chase element and eventually the hunter becomes the hunted.

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