Tuesday, 2 November 2010

8 Pitch and feedback (creating Group Blog)

Today the entire 3rd year Ba Animation pitched their ideas.

The process was extremely thorough and everyone was able to go through their idea in the desired amount of detail they saw fit. You could clearly see some were stronger then others. It was interesting to see everyone different ideas and the contrast of ideas. I felt some had gone into great detail and really put all their efforts into their films. A small few stood out. 

My pitch feedback 

Mike stated that I had covered a lot of the areas which were required. He stated that the idea was good but lacked development of character and environment design. Dan also thought their was potential but My character designs were not strong.  I knew where my weakness's were and wanted to improve them.
My style of art work is more realistic and it was a challenge to make the characters cartoony, but, the film was playful in its nature therefore I had to make the characters fit. However the film was at its earliest stage of production and I was pleased with the concept, it was just the begining and I knew the film could grow and become something special.

After the pitches were all complete we were told which films were green lit. The tutors also gave people a chance to do their own short films which were to be 30 seconds. 

A few people approached me and said they wanted to work on my film, I was excited with the news, since it was our final year, I knew that in order to produce a successful film I needed to be passionate about the idea I also have been very keen to direct a film. Sam, Hayley, Tara, Dean, Steven and Carl approached me and said they liked my idea and that, they really wanted to work on this film. I was extremely excited and took the opportunity on board. The team was to big at this stage and I had to make a cut on the spot. Since Hayley, Dean, Tara and Sam were the first to approach me I naturally went with them and explained this to Steven and Carl who were very understanding.

Since my film was not green lit, I didn't have the chance to select people with various skills. I was simply happy to have the chance to work on my film in the first place. Therefore we may have a problem regarding specific and varied skills, but I was not a luxury to be picky and was just grateful that an opportunity had opened to direct and make a movie.

The Team consisted of Me, Dean, Tara, Sam and Hayley. 

Most of the team were more technical which was good as the film is 3.D. 

Forming of The group

originally The Group was split between me, Tara, Hayley, Dean and Sam , one group consisted of me and Hayley while the others would work on their own project. However Mike Smith decided that the Mongolian film had greater potential and that we should all unite and form one group and work on the Mongol and the Marmot film. We all now had a chance to complete one single film.

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