Tuesday, 2 November 2010

2 Early Ideas

I began my research by looking at the classical Disney cartoons such as Mulan, Alladin, and many more. here I will show a random collection of my thoughts.

Mulan Begins with black ink in the form of Chinese calligraphy, the ink forms the mountains and the great wall of China.  I thought I could use this style for the bgining of my own film.
Chinese Mythology, Japanese Mythology, Indian Mythology, Greek.
  • Disney Style Painiting a great depth of Lighting
  • A warrior Preparing For battle, See's a little girl which vastly contrast with his immense physice
  • funny Music Playful, telling a story
  • A geisha, or  A Cocubine/ princess delicately putting on her makeup
  • beauty Cotrast with darkness
  • A warrior who notices a littel girl near the Blossom tree.
  • Expanding on the warrior idea, he is gearing up for war, he puts on his Armour his gloves, his boots , he straps his sword to his waist and make sure his shoulder pads are securely in place. His face is stern and his posture like a stature. the man could then hold a powerful pose and teh camera could pan out revealing a statue above him, which is far larger, but resembles the smae pose as him. The sky could be dark and gloomy, then suddenly the music could change and become more calm. the skys could open revealing the warm sun, The warrior then notices a little girl playing by a blossom tree, he looks at here with a vague expression. she takes his sword form him stumbling from the mass of the weapon almost falling over she places it on the floor. He frowns wandering what this little girl is playing at. She points to a flower which has not yet opened, she gets him to pull it down from the tree. He admires the beauty of the delicate petals, contrasting with the harsh and bold Armour which surrounds his body. he takes a deep breath his huge chest expands, he grabs his sword and pierces it into the ground. he puts his helmet on it and lets his Armour fall of. He takes the flower in his hand and places his shoulder on the girl and looks at her with hope. he leaves his Armour and walks into the forest.The Idea behind this is that The warrior has a revelation when meeting the little girl. He has known nothing but war for most of his life and this girl reminded him of the humanity which he had almost forgotten existed inside him. the flower represent the girl and that unlike the man she has not yet blossomed into adult hood. The man then leaves his warfare behind him being overwhelmed by what he saw in the girls eyes. 
  •  Maybe 3 Characters
  • Arrabic/Middle Eastern like the opening scene of Alladin. 
  • A dark sorcerer thin eyes a great black beard, exotic clothes, a deep blue sky filed with thousands of stars. Appearing mystical.  Moon lighting, blue tones. Sand Temples. Giant Statues, treasure, Magic, the Fortne teller.  
The Tribal Chef
  • A passionate Tribesman is cooking a meal in a large pot.
  • he is tasting the sauce adding some spice + maybe some magic can happen as he is cooking based on the shamanistic culture of tribes. 
  • A woman walks by and lures him in to a tent, their is a silhouette of them getting down to busyness nothing explicit. 
  • they walk out the tent and he is covered head to toe in kisses. he then notices that his food has caught alight.
  • he tries desperately to put it out but its runied his face is black with smoke it zoom in an extreeme close up he put his hand to his face, he looks to the girl she winks the end. 
 The Animated Scroll  
  • This idea was about a short story about Genghis Khan
  • faced paces action starts of 2.D on after effects quirky animation, the Khan is being chased by chinese warriors, arrows are flying over his head after a while of chasing he jumps of the map and is 3.D the other chinese warriors jump of and do the same.
  • The land then raises up and he jumps down on to a lower plain, the Chinese follow him and Genghis is met by his loyal men who vastly out number the Chinese, Genghis drops down to one knee smiling the Chinese look shocked it zoom in on the Kanhs face and ends.   
These Ideas are Short Stories, I was bearing in mind about time scale and was aiming to make something entertaining full of excitement.

 Mongol & The Marmot 
  • Set In Mongolia the establishing shot would be set with huge mountains and green fields. Beginning a Mongolian chef is about to cook his tiny peace of chicken.
  • Just as he is about to eat it, a little Marmot appears, looks like a beaver, as the mongol turns awasy the animal grabs his chicken. 
  • The chef Begins to chase with his kitchen knives, the chase becomes despearte as everything is going against the mongolian, he trips up falls over smashes into trees.
  • eventually when The mongolian gets the animal, he is about to take its head off, when an Eagle swoops in and grabs the man instead of the marmot.
  • Last shot extreeme close up of marmots face all happy.


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