Tuesday, 2 November 2010

1 BA Animation - What's Expected

I will explain here what we were expected to do for our pitch and the final year.
The Individual Pitch is a crucial part of your development as a storyteller and creative artist. It is the opertunity to create an idea of your choice.

key areas to be considered are, Originality, Story-Telling, Filmic Language, Design and Concept and The Presentation.  We must also write up a 30 word Premise clearly explaining your idea, This is a statement no more then 30 words and must be suported by a number of visual examples.

 Using Students and Tutor Feedback it will be Decided which Pitches are suitable to green light for production. Individual students form the the cohort will then be encouraged to choose from one or more of the green-lit pitches to work on. This process will naturally form small groups or teams.

After Groups Have Been Chosen
While working on a group Project you will be expected to identify your individualize specialism. you will have a choice of three main areas of the animation pipeline to specialize in ; Animation Director, Technical director and Lead Artist. While working on their production you must complete work for all three roles but choose to specialize in one specific role. Your main choice will contribute 50% of their assessment; the other two folders will each contribute 25%. You can therefore continue to develop your inderpendant thinking and learning while working in a group based environment.

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