Tuesday, 2 November 2010

3 Inspiration

here I will post some of the Videos which inspired me. I also Showed the rest of the group these animated films particularly the films from the French Animation school Gobelin, I showed them over and over so that they were all aware of the type of style and direction I wanted this film to be like. I explained how i wanted the film to have a film like quality, e.g. the cameras could be placed at low angles and be dynamic, closer to live action rather then a 2.D cartoon, often 3.D Animated films have this style of camera work, since the movie is three dimensional you have the chance to play with depth of field.

I decided to chose this video, since the concept is simple , its short but very effective. I like the contrast between the ape and the robot, it could be compared to a modern man and a cave man. the interaction is humorous. the modeling appears simple and the texturing subtle. 

Once again a simple complex, these characters are being sucked into this giant structure, I put this video up to learn from the extreme perspective and mixture of 3.D and 2.D.

I found this Video online and was just inspired by the lighting, texturing and modeling. I wouldn't want my film to be in this level of detail but just thought the film was beautiful to watch.

Like a lot of Gobelin's films they convey a sense of rivalry between two characters, I would like to include this in my own.

This was quite unique and once again something simple, it did drag a bit and could have been slightly shorter but it was still done very well. the only trouble is with this type is that if mya not be for everyone.

these three shorts are from the French animation school Gobelin, I find their work so refreshing and unique, alot of them are based on mythology which appeals to me. I also like how short but sweet they are. i would like to create a collision of some sort between two character like they often do.

great cell shaded texture, Toon shader may work well if I require a cartoonist style while working in 3.D again great mythical reference.

I used this as a reference for the tribal Chef idea. Gobelin do a great job of transporting their audience into a fantastical world.

Inka Bola, Lovely setting high in the mountains painted backgrounds, a great element of action adventure, I would like to maintain this level of entertainment in mine. 

The Film Mongol inspired me to make a film set in Mongolia, due to unique culture nomadic lifestyle and rugged landscapes.

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