Monday, 20 June 2011

Cinematic Storytelling

I purchase this book from the library to help me out with the animatic. My original animatic was fairly flat in its camera, shots. I knew I would have to develop the shots and make them more cinematic.

This book was extremely useful, it explains in great detail how to correctly use the space in a film from the x,y,z axis It makes u realize why shots are there in the first place. I tried to stick to the principles of this book when I made all my future animatics.

These are some of the shots which feature in this book.

Film Techniques

Film techniques is the term used to describe the ways that meaning is created in film.

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I always knew that the cameras would be a huge part of our film, especially for a chase scene. We had to make them dynamic and as exciting as possible. The camera in its self can behave like another character,  it can change focus tilt, rotate and completely warp the perspective of the movie. I made it mine and Sam's priority to get the camera's right while the majority of the team worked on the animation. I had to delegate specific roles, and knew some were stronger at animating then others, while others had more technical ability. I knew how i wanted the cameras to be, therefore collaborated with Sam through this process.

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