Tuesday, 28 December 2010

13 redesign chracter

Redesigning the character.

Firstly thinking of him skinny trying to make him more stylized, less lines and was going for quite a sharp look. This Guy looked more Chinese still, The hat I placed on him was referenced from Mongolian images I found, But is still similar to a Chinese style hat. I think you need clear identification to make it Mongolian which was lacking with this character.

Slightly More Mongolian looking, I think this is down to the large fur hat, the thin slit eyes and the facial hair.

The following Images are based on references from Mongolian people, I wanted him to look cold and hungry. I felt Diego's style of character was really simplified and tried replicating that style. Here I experimented with different styles of texturing, and a cell shaded look.

The texture worked nicely but was a bit to high res.

We as A team felt the cell shaded style could work as short animation it could bring a sense of style, However everything in a film has to be done for a reason, the cell shaded style wouldn't create 
the old kind of look we were looking for since I have based this film in the medieval period of history, I think old style textures like that of a scroll would work better.
First sketch.
The eyes were to square and later I sorted them out.

A more completed and color version of the first sketch but I decided to scrap this design. 
I believe the following images are strong and have potential, but probably not for this film, This style of art is closer to what I am comfortable at doing, rough and realistic art. I used the pen tool in photo shop which looked like Ink and I was using a Japanese samurai book for reference. This type of painting would be found of scrolls or wood blocks. The reason why I say it wouldn't work for this film is because It's to real and the warrior here would most likely ctach the Mongol and kill him in a few seconds. The texture works well though and we will try and incorporate this in the design of the character.

From this the character is almost there I need to make him slightly more Mongolian still in shape, e.g. rounder face, shorter legs and a more stout shape. the modeling will be simple so I will further simplify the character.

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