Monday, 28 February 2011

Animatic Update for group.

Latest Animatic Further Changes.

Animatic Short from Samuel McGuire on Vimeo.

After the more final version of the animatic we made the last few changes and now were finally ready to make this movie. :)

All of us had been struggling up until this point. The animatic was getting chopped and changed. Everyone seemed slightly nervous about the film. I decided that I wanted to collaborate with Sam, so we both met up at my house and we worked on the animatic for two days solid. It was an extremely positive experience, and having someone else as an second opinion helped a great deal. I drew out all the frames while Sam drew out all the backgrounds, we decided what worked and what didn't. 

From this point on, the whole film changed and we went from strength to strength the team became one working unit, and I think this helped as the majority of us were in ever day five times a week.

Parts to change.

  • title scene needs to appear just as the mountains fade. they have to be gone. 
  • When the marmot sneaks behind make him fade in and out with dust cloud as if he is darting from right to left.
  • when the man looks round when it snaps back to the fire make his head, move. 
  • before he looks round make the marmot a lot closer it will make more sense.

  • when he steals the chicken it could be faster. like a flash of speed. 
  • when the marmot runs over the mountain make its faster like the tex aver reference.
  • when the man runs the speed is much more like the tex avery one.
  • the marmot trips over the rock is fine, when the man trips it needs to hold for a second more.
  • after the tip a nice angled shot could show the slope in the landscape to clearly indicate to the audience that the characters are heading down hill. show of the landscape here.
  • Zig zag shot doesn't work. Change it or maybe just delete it. yes if we delete this shot it will read more clearly...
  • when their falling in mid air slow it down so the audience can see whats happening.
  • When the climb out of the hole, I need to redraw the part after they get out of the hole, they get out and then they stumble then shoot of..
  • The almost end shot the classic Tex avery style when they run of into the distance meeting the giant mountain, should change. As we have already used a similar shot to this. since it is the last scene I think the camera should track them from the air as if trying to catch up to them, shooting through the air until the camera begins to slow and they continue to run into the distance. The camera should then cut to a seriously low angle shot which shows you the shire height of this mountain, the character could run past the camera so their feet are very large and enter from the left, Ill explain on paper Sam. 
  • Then when the time lapse kicks in it will make much more sense. 
  • End scene only needs minor changes. 
  • the man needs to snatch the chicken spin around, and then hold it up with a big smile, camera pans out sharply once twice you hear a squark you see a perspective shot of the birds eye and beak it flys down the man is about to bite and its snatches it.
  • Characters are looking depressed, man turns smiles the end.
  • Cut to final scene. 

Sams Renders.

Sams renders

then go onto the art style show examples......


I have been modeling the environment . Which will make up the majority of the opening shot.

Firstly I started creating some basic sculpture 

 The mountains were starting to come to life.

 Here I was expreminting with the first scene.

 At the moment the scene was to empty

 The environment was very mountainous, I found it easier to model my self as I knew exactly what I wanted.The poly count was also very low which would mean faster rendering later on.

 This was taken using one of the Maya camer, just a test to see how the environment could look. 

This is where the film would begin on top of the mountain.

I made some basic props which represent the Mongolian hut, the fire and the man, our first scene began here and we developed the shot and added more detail.

Latest update with the Animatic.

Showed Mike the Animatic today.


  • read more clearly
  • made more sense 
  • Part's he likes the time lapse, intro mountain scene. running of the cliff, ending.
  • Needs more humor Suggested Tex Avery Style
  • Change parts from the cliff on wards.
  • E.g. more gags more humor.
Original idea, 

Originally I imagined this animation as something similar to that of the French animation company Gobelin. I love their style and how their films are often based on some type of specific culture, e.g. Mayan, Greek Mythology and more.

I also wanted to try and incorporate this continual style of action e.g. once the characters are in motion it keeps on going until l the end. where it finally and ultimately meets its conclusion. 

Change of Plan

The animated film will still have a sense of distinct Culture e.g. Mongolia. This will give it an interesting feel. We are also trying to make it appear as if you are traveling back to medieval/Ancient Mongolia.

Like a lot of Oriental art work which has been painted on paper scrolls, we want to incorporate this look into our 3.D film. 

After the feed back Mike gave us, its clear that we need to fill this animation full of gags laughs and general amusing situations. 

It's to long as it stands therefore we will cut it from 2:00 to aprox 1:30, we started of to short now have gone to long and we will get it right in the end I promise. We have been searching into Tex Avery and Hayley has found some great reference materiels.

I still want the action to be constant, but the gags will make the film much more funny which ultimately is what a short funny film should be about. 

The marmot will be getting the better of this man from the time he steals his chicken and in the last scene when the man finally catches the marmot I want the audience to feel satisfied 'Like yes this little pain in the ass is finally caught and then the egale will swoop in and grab the chicken'  So the man is once again has lost out the marmot could even smile to suggest, 'Ha at least you didn't get it and thats when the man smiles, and it cuts to the chicken on the spit. 

I agree that it makes more sense this way, e.g. the marmot keeps tricking and getting the better of the man. This way the ending will be justified. 

This is the latest animatic I will be going through and changing it and then we will make this Film. 

Group Meet up Monday the 28th


  • Props models - trees rocks Uv mapping 

  • Matt painting deans UVs 
  • Rigging Tree

  • Rigging the man and blend shapes

  • FInishing the Marmot

Next Thursday catch up on progress. 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sculpting In Maya

One of my Jobs is to model the environment, I was using the sculpt tool in Maya and produced some interesting results. I decided to make a valley so that the characters, could run through, and the audience would get a sense of being isolated by these giant mountains on either side.

The Poly count isn't anything to high, however the mountains are a tad bit realistic at this point and well will try to make them more simple in their style. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Latest Tasks And feedback

  • Put in more close up shots
  • Research buster Keaton
  • Confirm artistic Style
  • Test Render
  • cut down animatic it may be a 30 second short. 
  • Sit with Sam and work out how we can achieve the style we want. 
  • We really shoudl be good to go at this point.
  • I need to 
  • Model
  • UV map
  • All about the visual look and style now. renders 
  • Model Hat asap

    Sunday, 6 February 2011

    Landscape Concepts.

    Here are concepts of how are environment could look like. I developed these concepts on my previous design. Sam had been producing some stylized renders and he used this to try and match the style.

    This was the concept prior to the latest one.

    Chracter Development

    The character of the man is still changing and here are the latest developments, the colour palette is earthly reflecting that of Mongolian culture. I also have made the character more stocky and shot, as most Mongolian men fit this build.

    This reflects the original style we were going for.

    This shows the progression of the character and how I would like him took, I kept on applying more tones using photo-shop.  I would ideally like this to have some folds and his materiel to resemble some sense of realism.